Meltz Mission......
"To Deliver the Ultimate Hospitality and Grilled Cheese Experience through Extreme Flavor Combinations."

How Meltz Came To Be

What happens when two guys with roots in fine-dining, electronics, engineering and remodeling put their heads together for a possible business venture? Well, nothing at first. You see, we liked meeting for lunch. We liked the idea of simple comfort food. But comfort food can get boring. And “gourmet food” sounds kind of pretentious here in North Idaho. So, as our food quest continued, it sparked the idea that would become MELTZ Extreme.

Realizing there might be an untapped niche here, we started kicking around ideas. We wanted to give comfort food a twist, an edge, and when Matt threw out the word “Extreme,” we knew we were onto something. Considering Joe’s fine-dining roots and extensive culinary experience; cheese was a blank canvas, and grilled cheese sandwiches were the perfect vehicle for delivering edgy flavor combinations.

We liked the word "Extreme", but what do we mean when we say Extreme? For us, Extreme was a combination of components, starches, proteins, and sauces that are harmonious together.

As entrepreneurs, our desire is to build a Christian-based company. We see our business as our mission, as a way to make a positive impact in our community. With core values of respect, honesty and loyalty; we stand behind our food 100%. We promise our customers, if something isn’t right – we WILL work to make it right.

Idaho's Best - Treasure Valley Badge Idaho's Best - Statewide Winner BadgeBoise State University Preferred Restaurant Partner